Bangladesh is located in the easternmost point of the Indian subcontinent that is adjacent to India and Myanmar. Though it is as large as the Hokkaido of Japan, the land area is a country very high population density population 60 million and 100 million people.
Attention in Bangladesh began in Japan only recently showered here.
Image, such as assistance with "NGO" poorest countries in Asia, "until it has had preceded, the country itself called" Bangladesh "become Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize has pioneered begins attention underneath.
Economic development in Bangladesh is proceeding at a significant speed. GDP ranking in terms of purchasing power parity in 2011, Bangladesh has been ranked one of the 45 indicators. While the year was 25,000, the number of refrigerators that are sold in Bangladesh in 2005, 3,000,000 units per year in 2012 has been sold, the height of the purchasing power of this figure suggests.
From the fact that Bangladesh had been included in the Next11 Goldman Sachs announced in December 2005, since the advance of apparel Japanese manufacturers were numerous in 2008 attracted the attention of the world, Bangladesh from Japanese companies interest has grown as a business.

Local information of Dhaka: Bangladesh


Country name People's Republic of Bangladesh
Area 147,570 km ²
Population Approx 160 million people
Capital Dhaka
Cities Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet, Barisal, Rangpur
Religion Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Bahá'í Faith and ethnic minority
Growth rate 6.70%
Language Bengali, English
Time difference GMT+6
Power 220V
Dubai to Dhaka:7 Hrs
Bangkok to Dhaka:4 Hrs
Singapore to Dhaka:4 Hrs
Industrial structure Agriculture and Fisheries manufacturing (27%),
small wholesale(24%), and trading (49%)
Imports (%) Secondary materials for various industries (44.3)
petrochemicals (11.8)

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Time difference and holidays

Has become a three hour delay from Japan (GMT +6).
Bangladesh weekend is Friday and Saturday. Sundays and weekdays.
There are many public authorities and offices at the break both days, Friday, Saturday, and some offices, there are many factory place called half day or Saturday, Friday only. The institution of a different holiday zone has been introduced and in addition, also, such as department stores and shops closed shops in the region according to the holiday.
Gulshan-Bonani district that foreigners are often used am Sunday and Monday has become a holiday.

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Mobile phone

Compatible models overseas roaming is available on mobile phones in Japan.
If you stay for a long time to the site, the person who purchased the local mobile phone is cheaper.
Because it is locked SIM mobile phones in Japan, if not the model you have to release the SIM lock, it will be purchased at the local terminal. Passport and 2 photos must be copied to the purchase of the SIM card. What type of prepaid common.
Grameen phone, Banglalink, Robi, the main carriers such as Airtel.

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There are many places that can have an Internet connection via wireless or cable stay at the hotel of an intermediate level. At the cafe district and Bonani Gulshan There are several places where you can connect for free WiFi. There are Internet cafes in the city, where you can enter Japanese are limited.

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Temperature and climate

Mon 4-9 is the rainy season, from October to March is the dry season is divided roughly. Begin to rain from the second half of March, April May also high humidity, is the hottest season. During the day, followed by a high temperature to around 10. 12-2 Mon temperature drops, morning and evening fog often appears, in some cases affect the flight.

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We recommend warm clothes (December to February) the winter months. There is a difference in temperature between day and night, especially at night sometimes and sometimes less than 10 ℃. (25 degrees +), it is recommended that diatomaceous time for business to other high temperature. If there are such things around the government, let's go for a business firm in the apparel. If the tourist, avoid wearing flashy clothes apparel, such as unobtrusively as possible to the site you might be good.

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Health management

Hygiene situation is different from the Japanese, it is necessary to manage your own health as well in order to tour the facilities. Those who brought good

  • Jacket easy to thermoregulation
  • (As insect repellent, stop diarrhea, and other daily use) left my medicine

Insect bites

Since the rainy season is very large mosquito, insect repellent, anxious, please bring insect Sasare chemicals.


And if there be traveler's diarrhea due to differences in diet and environment, and a case to be of infectious diarrhea caused by bacteria and viruses. Please note the following points in any case.

  • Please do not drink tap water
  • Please do not eat the ice outside of the hotel and restaurant
  • Always perform a hand washing before meals
  • Please do not take this stuff for sale on the street


Rise of temperature during the day, so many nuclear sweat, please take the moisture in moderation.

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Tap water in the hotel is available to toothpaste and wash basin, Please do not are drinking.
In some cases, diarrhea differences in water quality.
Drinking water in plastic bottles can be purchased throughout the city.
At the time of purchase, please make sure that the cap of the bottle is completely away.

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Exchange Rate

In TAKA ,, the passage of Bangladesh referred to the BDT.
Point in time pass rate of 13 October 2012 are as follows.

  • 1JPY = 1.09 taka
  • 1US $ = 82 Taka
Currency units of Bangladesh
 If you want to update the bill because the central bank from Bangladesh, you may still be able to use it in a different bill. Have (money exchanger) MONEY EXCHANGER in places of Dhaka airport and the city, exchange is possible. However, sometimes almost did not open until ~ 19:10 on weekdays only. Currency exchange is available in front of the airport hotel to stay. There is a bank of exchange booths around the immigration, we recommend the exchange there. Caching by Credit Card is also available from the ATM in the city. VISA, MasterCard are available mainly.

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If a service charge is included in the room rate hotels and restaurants are not required. If it is not included, cafes and hotels Intermediate to foreigners are expected to chip in a little. About Tk10, etc. The hotel's restaurant is about Porter Tk20-100 quotations.
In various situations, there is a case in addition to the fee will be prompted for "(charity) Bokushishi" I hope in your own judgment is that basic. Appropriate amount is due to the scene, if in doubt, please contact the guide etc..

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Standards in the form of outlet is not determined by the Bangladesh often seen following format. The hotel is available even if there is an electrical outlet conversion, because there is a possibility that there is a limit to the number, it is convenient to bring the outlet following conversion. Laptop has recently become available in the world. Because the whole world is becoming common parts, even if the shape fit outlet, AC adapter, it has to be used. To the standard view of the AC adapter, if you have written AC100 ~ 240V, (input) and 50/60Hz input, it is OK.
The format of the power outlets in Bangladesh

Electrical outlet that can be used in Bangladesh (sample)

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Dhaka airport diagrams

Floor plan of Dhaka airport
Layout your Dhaka airport

Immigration procedures at Dhaka International Airport

  • I proceed according to the instructions of the immigration billboard down from the airplane.
  • I get off at the escalator or stairs.
  • Down the stairs, go to the immigration office for foreigners on the front.
    Please complete the visa and immigration visa at the counter for the arrival
  • I accept your luggage at baggage claim.
  • Proceed to baggage inspection, we will submit a completed customs declaration form.
  • Proceed to baggage inspection, submit a completed customs declaration form
    may pass through without having to submit ※.
    ※ Do not put single-lens reflex camera and valuables in checked baggage and suitcases.
  • Out of the gate, staff await to pick up where you have gathered.
  • I go to the exit of Terminal 2.
This diagram is a view of the airport as of October 2012, there is a possibility of change by the authorities. Please listen to the "arrival visa counter" to the staff at the airport no longer understand.

Please feel free to call us. Contact Us at 03-6421-4225 Office hours 10:00~19:00