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when and how Can we use it or make a reservation?

If Dhaka city, to confirm the destination two days before the scheduled use, please complete the payment. Thank you 4 days before in the case of Dhaka code. Please contact us well in advance.

What will occur when if some one want to cancel the rental fee?

Cancellation fee will be charged on the basis of our Terms and Conditions. For more information
see Terms and Conditions

Does driver can speak in English ?

Speak English is minimal communication center.
However, some drivers are not good at English in local driver.
Although there are individual differences in drivers, minimum English is possible.

May have been over-utilization time in traffic than expected, or is subject to an extra charge?

Congestion in large cities, including Dhaka thing because I usually recommend a plan with a margin.
If the time has also over congestion, an additional charge as well as taxis.

Japanese translator or Bangladeshi translator?

Both Japanese and Bangladeshi interpreter are available

What level of interpretation can you arrange? What about the cost?

Microsoft has dispatched tourist guide, negotiating opportunities, such as an interpreter business.
Pricessystem is given here.

Is it possible to reserve an interpreter outside Dhaka?

Yes, I can. In that case, the basic charge + travel fee. Contact destination since the change, by a period of travel fees.

Is this possible to change the tour schedule and destination?

Such a change from the confirmation is basically possible, charges may occur due to the change. Since this charge after the change will be presented to you on, please contact us as soon as possible. For more information can be found in Terms and Conditions

If it becomes impossible to travel by weather, what will happens to fees?

The uniform is difficult to answer this. If you want to use an external means of transportation (airplane, boat, etc.), accommodation, some cases can be assumed to occur cancellation fee. So think a solution will be the customer's point of view, we will in a case-by-case basis.

Are there any special package?

Please check Tour Booking.

Can you arrange study tour and visits of NGO?

Yes , possible. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Are you able to arrange a visit, such as local businesses and NGO?

Yes, we do.
However, please contact us as soon as possible so please come well NGO · For companies that do not accept a tourist.

I'd like to rent a mobile phone in the field?

Yes, it is possible to rent a mobile phone for local use.
Please visit our Mobile rental Service pages

How can you open a bank account?

You can open an account on behalf of the proceedings. Are different procedures depending on the bank, it is necessary to prepare such documents required. Also, in the case of foreigners, can not be established that there is no work Permit.

The documents required to open a bank account
  1. Copy of the Work Permit
  2. Copy of the registration of the company to which they belong BOI
  3. Copy of passport
  4. Two passport-size photo
  5. Application form
  6. Local address and telephone number
  7. other materials required by the bank
Please contact us, for detailed procedures.

Are you able to buy shares in Bangladesh?

It is possible to buy shares in Bangladesh. However, because the necessary procedures, etc., please contact for detailed procedures.

Can you introduce the plant?

Yes, we have to introduce a variety of factories. Mainly, I'm popular apparel, leather goods, toys, towels, shoes, paper products factory about Bangladesh. Please contact for details.

What are the details of the facilities and equipment you already have, you may have to self / bring?

Read the details in Share House page.
Please bring your PC is to use a PC / Internet. While we prepare the supplies and kitchen equipment for basic Japanese food in the kitchen, if you want to cook, please bring your own materials, including the seasoning.

Is there a supermarket, and restaurants are within walking distance?

Yes. There is restaurant and super market near Share House.

Come out of the shower or hot water?


What is the difference between a serviced apartment and house share?

Developed for all short stay, share house will be living together with more than one person. Aimed at middle to long-term residents, service apartments offers in accordance with the wishes and budget of the customer.

What facilities and already have the required facilities expense / bring?

Service apartments are arranged in accordance with the request so we can, please tell me the equipment you need.

How many days are you from at least borrow?

It will be the lowest, and from one year.

Are there any handling of the ticket?

Currently, we are not handling.

What is the single charge of the hotel I do not come out?

Hotels as well as overseas, even by one person, but two people with the same amount of money, since it can vary depending on hotel rules, please contact us if needed.
Please feel free to call us. Contact Us at 03-6421-4225 Office hours 10:00~19:00

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