Flow of Services


  • Receive the service reservation inquiry form inquiries from clients.

  • Arrange the best service, with the conditions, such as price, content services that suits client requirements

  • Get booking order from client.Copy of your passport and a full rate specified on the booked reservation following Terms have to sign and send.

  • We will send you a written confirmation to you by e-mail. Please bring to the site to print out a written confirmation. After confirmation, we will take around three days before the use of the service. In the case of a service apartment, it takes (6 weeks depending on the location) for 4 weeks.

  • After confirmation of from you with the type of service, we will contact you by e-mail for more information.

  • The period of your stay depends on the situation, it may require a deposit

  • Mainly we take payments in Japan
    If you would like a local payment, please contact us.

  • we would like to have a settlement at the site as well as the use of overtime.

  • As a payment method in Japan, or online payment by Paypal, bank transfer is available.

Please feel free to call us. Contact Us at 03-6421-4225 Office hours 10:00~19:00

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