Dhaka.jp Terms of Use Statement

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is that customers in this document refers to the service user. Dhaka.jp(Pleiades Japan Inc.,) provides hotel, car rental, serviced apartments, share house, interpreting, and local support.It applies only service you use.In addition, various types of contacts are listed in the Dhaka.jp site.


  1. Basically we take payment in Japan. About the payment method, please refer to the Dhaka.jp site. Please contact us if you would like to pay on-site.
  2. long-term use(more than one month), the payment on a monthly basis is possible. Pay a fee to use the next month until the 25th month.
  3. Dhaka.jp takes Cash, Bank Transfer is also welcome.
  4. The time and circumstances of your stay, you may be be requested to have a deposit.
  5. Issued at a later date of receipt will be sent by e-mail.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Case of a sudden schedule change, please be sure to contact us (email or phone) or canceled. Canceled without contact us and we will be paid in full.
  2. Will shorten the period during use, if you cancel your reservation or cancellation fee will occur past the following dates.

    Categories Car rental Housing system Tour Interpretation Local
    30% of fee 2 days ago 1 week ago 2 weeks ago 1 week ago 1 month ago Varied
    50% of fee The day before 3 days ago 5 days ago 3 days ago 15 days ago varied
    100% of fee The day The day The day The day The day Varied

Loss and other damage equipment, facilities

  1. Customer will be returned in the condition that the state of the facilities available at the start of the service.
  2. Or make a hole in the wall, etc., or by breaking the furniture, etc., damage of equipment, in the case of loss, you must pay the full amount of the repair bill.
  3. If beyond repair, pay the purchase price for that product.
  4. If you can not open the service by repair, pay the full amount of operating this service outage.


  1. Might not be able to guarantee the booking period for unpaid services.
  2. If your personal belongings, such as loss of occurred in the service during the period of use,we will not be liable.
  3. When you park your car, please park the car in the management and responsibility of the customer. Even in the case of any damage, we are not responsible.


  1. Regarding parking, please park your car in the designated location.
  2. In the case of emergency, please contact the local staff Dhaka.jp.

Terms of Use

  1. Please refrain from such things like give tips to the driver.
  2. Consideration, such as traffic control and security, we will. Please tell the driver.
  3. In the case of use of a shared house, avoid anything which will disturb other customers. In particular, please make every effort to use pleasant people after using the joint space, clean and free of clutter, for later use.
  4. Please dispose of such waste in place.
  5. I hope to avoid wasteful use electricity, hot water, and the Internet.
  6. In the case of a service apartment, please contact Dhaka.jp there is an instruction from the manager to owner.
  7. Because some drivers interpret it to worship, give time to consult with the applicant.
  8. There is also the case that unforeseen circumstances may occur, such as Harutaru, in such cases, please follow the instructions in the Dhaka.jp staff.


  1. Our company reserves the right to modify the contents of the web site without notice, modify, and delete.
  2. Under any circumstances, customers to lending services to others can not.
  3. I prohibits the use of anyone other than guests booking.
  4. You can sleep up to 2 persons per room. If 3LDK, can accommodate up to 6 people. At the time of booking, please mention your name and number of our guests.
  5. By local law, notification is obligatory to authorities the names of all customers who use, contacts, a copy of your passport. Names of all let me take a copy of your passport and when it receives a key contact in the field
  6. We might be by the situation of the accommodation, is not possible to be able to correspond to the reservation. Booking deposit will be refunded, and deposit rates at that time
  7. Under no circumstances, you will be taken out of production equipment and facilities is not possible.
Please feel free to call us. Contact Us at 03-6421-4225 Office hours 10:00~19:00

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